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Hello friends and happy Sunday!

I hope you have all had a productive week and a restful weekend?

This is my weekly round-up of things I’ve been writing, reading, listening to and engaging with this week. If you would like to have this round-up emailed to you, please subscribe! I will send you one email a week and no spam, ever. I promise!


This week on theSportsing has been about goal setting and finding inspiration.


It is all well and good to set fitness goals but how effective are these goals? Do they really motivate us to achieve? I asked myself these questions in the post: How to set effective fitness goals when you are new to exercise


Image of face with text "how to set successful fitness goals"
Setting Fitness Goals



I also wrote this week about the inspirational Lisa Jackson. Lisa is a very successful marathon and ultra-marathon runner. Successful because she wins? No! In fact she has come last in 20 of the marathons she has taken part in. So why is she successful? Read all about Lisa in my post: Lisa Jackson: an inspirational marathon runner

pink and green sportsing logo with white box on top reading "inspiration woman lisa Jackson"
Lisa Jackson: an inspirational runner


As well as Lisa’s book, I’ve read a number of really interesting articles that I must share with you all:

  • Who Gets to be Fit? Working out the Intersections of Fitness  – This post on the excellent Girls Gone Strong site is written by Larissa Mercado-Lopez, an academic in the Women’s Studies department at Fresno State University.  The post is intelligent and thought provoking and opened my eyes to how we “see” fitness.

    How we “see” fitness culture and fit bodies is profoundly shaped by the imagery and advice that dominates magazines covers, advertisements, meal plan suggestions, and fitness routines, as well as by our own lives


    google search images showing "fit women"
    This is what “fit” looks like in the media


  • I replaced Cardio with Walking: Here’s what I learned – I like a bit of Man Repeller every now and again. I think I’m a bit older than their goal demographic but this post made me smile.

    While I do care about what cardio does for my health, the driving force behind my motivation is ultimately vanity. And that makes it entirely devoid of joy



  • Tough Girl Podcast – on the podcast this week Sarah Williams interviewed Frances Taylor who is currently cycling her way around New Zealand having the adventure of a lifetime.


girl on bicycle with writing over: Tough Girl Podcast
Listen to Frances on the Tough Girl Podcast


You can follow Frances’ amazing adventures on her blog PennyFace and follow her on twitter and instagram @penny_face.  She posts fab photos like this one below:


New Zealand mountains and lake
The stunning landscape of New Zealand – taken by Frances Taylor



This week I have been:

  • Walking every day
  • Parkrunning – with a time this week of 34:13
  • Plodding around the park in the spring sunshine


selfie of bronia with zebra headband standing in front of tree, daffodils and pond
It was a beautiful day!


That’s it! I hope you have a great week planned and you will have time for some exercise. Remember every little bit is improving your health and you don’t need to be running marathons to be making progress.

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Keep in touch and keep moving!


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