My name is Bronia.  I’m 31 and I live in London.  I work in publishing and spend my days sat in front of a computer screen.  I am not an athlete. I will never be an athlete.

Confession time: I love-to-hate exercise.  It is a necessity, a burden and another thing to schedule into an overfilled day.  It is regularly the task left un-ticked on my daily to-do list. Don’t get me wrong. I love the idea of exercise. It just never seems to actually happen.

I’m married to a great guy who is really into fitness.  He doesn’t understand how I can faithfully create an exercise plan and then follow through on precisely none of it.  While making excuses. And drinking wine.

“But…I thought you said you were going to the gym??”

I know I perplex him. I perplex myself.

the sportsing

I want to find forms of exercise that make me happy. I want to understand why some people love to work-out while others (like me) staunchly claim to hate exercise. Is there an exercise for everyone? Can we learn to love what we used to hate? Is there joy in judo? Happiness in hip-hop dancing?

I’m a grown-up. I’m in my 30’s for heaven’s sake!! It is time to stop making excuses and start moving more.

I set up thesportsing.com to chronicle this journey, find inspiration and examine the mindset that makes for an active individual.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  More than this, I hope it inspires you to try some sportsing of your own.

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Oh…and why thesportsing.com? Because of this comic. It made me laugh…

comic showing a sports star being interviewed about "sportsing"
Ah sportsing!

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  1. Hi bronia
    Loved reading your website! I’m an acquaintance of verity from PhD work at Dundee uni.. she forwarded me your blog about Inverness parkrun! I did my PhD on girls experiences of sort and fitness in school based spaces.. but I abandoned that for the life of a yoga teacher :). If you ever want to chat please drop me a line! Best wishes

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